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Company Profile

theKOIN was founded in Australia as an angel investment firm. The vision of the firm is to bridge innovators and investors, creating a condusive environment and nurture new businesses for best chance of success.

theKOIN is a private firm which has two main roles, as investment manager for its investors, and business manager for projects it's investing. theKOIN specialises in funding technology related startup with new and innovative ideas around Asia-Pacific region, which will have significant impact to the society and environment. Pay Global One (PG-1) is the subsidiary of theKOIN, which specialise in secure financial transaction platform for the Internet.  

Through its network of businesses and experts, the firm provides necessary resources to guide startup companies and develop them into its full potential. As investment manager, the firm filters and selects high quality projects or companies which meets its vision. Most angel investors only invest in companies that's already well developed. theKOIN primarily invests in projects or companies that have extraordinary people, extraordinary ideas, and extraordinary potential market, but have not yet developed due to various reasons.