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theKOIN invests in technology innovation startup, which is still in the very beginning cycle of its development. We invest in the range of USD 50k to USD 500k, but also lead syndications of up to USD 3M.

Apart from providing seeding funds or growth funds for startup, theKOIN also leverage its network of industry experts to bring in guidance in marketing, project management, business development, manufacturing, leadership, and general financial or operational management. Through its partners of independent experts in various fiels, theKOIN is often seen as the resource provider, crucial for the survival of a startup.

Projects requiring funding usually must demonstrate that they have the potential to rapidly expand into market and command a healthy return of investment. This usually imply unique product or services, strong market position, and sustainable advantage. A strong management team is a key requirement to be able to deliver and execute the development plan.

Over the last few years, theKOIN has succesfully invested in a large number of startups in the following fields:
* Nano Technology
* Biotechnology
* Internet security
* Payment Gateway
* Mobile Phone
* Robotics